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Windows 8 Where Has The Start Menu Gone

Windows 8 Where Has The Start Menu Gone

Where has the start menu gone. They have made a bit of a bungle here by removing this as it has alienated many users especially business users who are sitting at a desk and using normal laptops or workstations. Used to this familiar way of working with Windows since Windows 95!

The reason for this change to the tile menu is to cater to the increasing use of touch screen tablet computers. With a touch screen you can slide the right side then click the start menu to get the the tiles. Though Windows 8 is pretty great working with touch screens with normal computers people have not been having fun with it.

Microsoft tried to gather back some kudos with the windows 8.1 upgrade but this simply gave a start button on the bottom left which leads to the tiles screen. Unfortunately it has not bought back the beloved click up start menu.

It is possible to get the start menu back with some overlay plug ins from 3rd parties though so have a look through the web for some of these overlays.

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