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Windows 8 Tips – The Most Common Differences

Windows 8 Tips – The Most Common Differences

The biggest difference going from XP Vista or Windows 7 is the new Start screen. Windows 8 has been optimised / changed to cater for tablets and touch screen computers which are increasingly common now. This has infuriated the traditional business market and users who are used to using the start menu. Microsoft tried to rectify this with version 8.1 but this simply placed a start button where it used to be which pulls up the start screen instead of the start menu. It is possible to install plug ins which bring back this familiar functionality so to have windows 8 very much like the previous versions.

For the most part though the interface will be familiar. You will be able to configure it to behave more like the previous versions. I big change that was actually introduced with windows 7 is the tiles on the task menu. You can change this but right clicking on the task menu go properties – task bar buttons – never combine. This would then display each item that you have open rather then them being grouped together.

Another big difference is the boot up speed. Starting with windows 7 (after the abysmal performance of vista) items that are loading up at start up can be delayed so that you can start working faster. This is a great feature and really does well on systems with underpowered processors and slower computers.

Ways to get troubleshoot the operating system has had a massive revamp. More functions are available when pressing the old F8 key at start up. It has been annoying that it seem to be harder to get windows 8 into “safe mode”

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