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What Is The Best Way I Can Speed Up My Aging Computer

What Is The Best Way I Can Speed Up My Aging Computer

If your computer is approaching 3 years old mac or windows and no maintenance has been performed on it the best thing you can do is to reinstall the computer. At this age a refresh of the system is definitely worth it. It would make it run like it was when you purchased the machine!

So to do this you would need the disks of your computer. There are computers where the “image” of the computer is on another drive and you could use that to reinstall but it is best to have disks as well in case the image is corrupt or does not work which is definitely possible.

You need to list all the applications that you use and make sure you have the applications on a disk, USB drive or they are available on line. Ensure that you can reinstall these on the system when it has been reinstalled.

If you have Outlook installed you have to consider a big hurdle to get the data off the old installation and to be able to reconfigure on the new one. If you do not mind starting from scratch or you are using IMAP for receiving your email at the moment this would make it easier.

You need to backup all your data. The application I recommend is GFI backup. It is easy to use. You should back up to an external hard drive.

To reinstall you would put the disk in the computer and boot it up. If it does not boot from disk you need to modify the setting in BIOS in order to do this.

Once windows installation is running from DVD then then go through the installation process copying over the copy already on the computer.

Once all done then you need to restore your applications and data.

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