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Virus Removal


Our service can be provided to you on the same day by a technician who can remove Viruses, Trojans, Malware, Root kits – any nasties on your computer

A Service That Suits You

We can supply a technician onsite or sit back and view while the magic is done right before your eyes. A technician can remotely share your desktop with you – wherever you are!

Long Lasting

After the service is complete we ensure your computer has long lasting protection to prevent these problems popping up in the future

Don’t waste your time trying to fix it up yourself. You could end up getting your computer in a worse state. Let the professionals do it and ensure your computer is returned to normal.

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Our service is quick, painless and will relieve your stress. Contact us on 09 889 3449 now!

“Chop Chop has provided excellent personalised online service, fixing issues on our home computers and also providing assistance, advice and service to all the employees and some committee members in the charity I am involved in. I have been very pleased with all the work Chop Chop has done for us.” BCAC Learn more…


Why choose us?

  • No extra charge for same day service
  • On-site, workshop and remote support
  • Free quote provided
  • Our overheads are low to save you money
  • We talk plainly– no geek talk
  • Always a personal service

Viruses and spyware can cripple a computer. The most recent virus’s are used to pose as legitimate software to try and extort money out of you making the computer slow or unusable. A computer without adequate protection or which has not had a regular clean will accumulate a host of undesirable software and could be harvesting your personal information.

Internet browser hijackers are one of the big annoyances. A hijacked browser will host for example a search page posing as  Google. It will display many more ads then usual and will have other annoyances such as slowness.

With our deep clean we clear out virus’s, spyware ect that your current virus program won’t even know about! After our thorough clean we make sure your you computer will have up to date antivirus software and is safe.

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