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Tips On Taking Care Of Your Laptop Computer

Tips On Taking Care Of Your Laptop Computer

Get a cover for you keyboard. A clear rubber cover for your keyboard will prevent dust and crumbs not to mention coffee getting into your keyboard. It also has the added benefit of silencing the keyboard so is great when you are in bed with your partner and you don’t want to disturb them. Keyboards fail when they get clogged up so it is best to protect it.

Look after your adapter! Mac computers have a magnetic connection to the power socket on the laptop for good reason; it is so common for them to get tripped up on and broken. Best to have the adapter in a set place where it won’t get tripped up on. Also don’t have the cords hanging eg the brick part hanging from the table. The connections here are fragile and if it is hanging a connection is going to come loose. Also take care of the dc slot. Be careful when plugging and unplugging the laptop and don’t have the cord pulling the dc jack in any way.

Having someone clean and remove nasties is a good idea to do every 6 months. Even with having anti virus software your computer is not fully protected. Nowdays there are many different types of nasties that get onto your computer just by browsing websites. You need a comprehensive set of tools to make sure it is totally bug free. A professional should be able to supply all these and rid your computer of the nasties. You will find there will be a marked difference in performance after a clean. Along with this the computer should be optimised by getting rid of items that start up with windows and junk programs that the user may of inadvertently installed on the computer. This is very easy to do as when you install the “free” program to do your spreadsheets or video converting the trade off is usually a bunch of junk programs being installed on your computer.

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