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Mac Laptop Upgrade For Client

Had a request from a mac user:
Below are the specs for my iMac
2.8GHz i7 Intel core
ATI Radeon HD 4850 512
OSx 10.8.3
1 TB hard drive. 394 GB free.

“I am doing a lot of photoshop work and video editing. I find my machine to be really slow and is delaying my work Progress. What do you recommend in terms of upgrade to get the best out from my iMac. Can you please give me a quote and how long will it take.”

With this request I got my trusty Mac technician to check this computer out for an initial diagnostic. It is hard to say exactly what is needed for an upgrade as there could be other factors in causing the slowness of the computer. Initial consultation is best. What was recommended is add more ram to 8gigs and reinstall the OS. For the ram we simply order the appropriate ram. For the reinstall of OS we use time machine for the data and an install disk to reinstall.

Once we started working on the machine for the upgrade we ran into issues with the time machine not allowing the process we suspect there is a bad sector in the hard drive.

We also hit some other issues:

-after installing osx 10.8 tried to tranfer data back to hdd but did not work
-installed 10.7 time machine still did not work, installed 10.8 again
-use carbon copy to clone User data to iMac found but cant get permission to hdd
-install 10.8 again carbon copy time machine to imac hdd as image file format time machine as Jornal ( case sensitive ) and tried to use migrant assistant on imac to transfer data but did not work
-install 10.8 again carbon copy user data and tried to change permission to access to data file work at some level
-install 10.8 again create user on imac and do normal copy to iMac
-copy email from tim machine to
-install Iphoto , photoshop, final cut , iphoto did not work dowload iphoto manager to reconstruct the file
-copy ical, safari book mark to iMac creat “***” user on iMac

But in the end got a fresh mac working great back to the client.

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