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Laptop Repairs

Screen Repair

LED and LCD screen repair. Cracked screens and lines on screen fixed. Give us your computer make and model and we can get a quote.

Power Issues

We can fix power issues with your laptop. If it is not charging we can find out why and offer the best solution. This takes 2-3 business days.

Audio Repair

No sound or bad sound from laptop? We can get to the bottom of sound issues.

Laptop Health Check

A predetermined set of house keeping tasks we perform on your computer to improve overall performance and stability.


Wireless Problems

If you are having problems with the internet using your wired or wireless connection or need a new connection or network set up, we can help.

Data Recovery

If you have had a system failure or wish to upgrade to a new computer we can move your data to a new computer.

Memory Upgrade

If you laptop is sluggish we recommend a system tune up and upgrading the hard ware especially memory and hard drive.

Have a Question to Ask?

Contact us for any questions you may have!




We can repair laptop issues or help with setup of new notebooks.

Some common issues with laptops are: wireless has stopped working, battery is running flat, making strange noises, lost adapter, printing issues and virus issues. We offer a no fix no fee service.

Why has Wireless has stopped working on my laptop?
This is usually software related. Have you recently installed new software or devices such as printers to your computer? I also find that the overlaying software that comes with machine such as Dell are more troublesome than they are worth. Getting rid of the software and using just Windows to connect to the wireless is sufficient and easy to implement. A simple setting that could be wrong is that the switch has just been turned off!! Happens all the time.

Laptop batteries running low. Easy this one – you need a new battery! It is normal after a year or two depending on the use to require a new battery. We can find exactly what battery you need.

Laptop noises. Rattles, grinding, clicking. We can identify these noises and rectify. Grinding is normally a sign of your fan is easy and can be cheap to replace these. If you hear clicking it could be your hard drive on its way out so best to give us a call fast!

Set up new laptop. We can help with setting up your laptop. If you have a previous machine we can set it up exactly like the old one.

New adapter for laptop. These commonly get lost or broken. We can source a new one exactly for your make of machine.

Virus issues. These are a nuisance. They pop up as a program or our virus checker just won’t leave us alone because it cannot clean it. We can make sure that the virus is gone for good!

Set up devices to talk to laptop. We can set up iPhone’s, Blackberries, Nokia phones or any others to talk to your computer. For example syncing your e-mail through Outlook.

Printing issues from laptop. If printing has just stopped from your machine or you need to set up a new printer give us a call.


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