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How To Speed Up Windows 8 With A Few Settings Changes

How To Speed Up Windows 8 With A Few Settings Changes

Ok so windows 8 is optimised already to run on cheaper processes so it can tap into the tablet market but it can still be subject to slow performance especially over time as your computer gets junked up. Also I find trying to use a tablet running full windows 8 to be difficult if you do not adjust settings as it is running other things or using ram to keep windows looking good. I don’t want it looking good I want it running fast!

So a few quick things here:

1. Adjust windows for best performance. Go start – system – advanced system settings – advanced (advanced advanced system settings haha) – performance settings – You want to do custom but have smooth edges of screen fonts checked so things don’t look weird. Now I have been using it like this for a month and have not had an issue with how it looks. Web pages are fine everything is great looking actually.

2. You want to change your display settings so that aero is disabled and a simple no picture background theme. Go right click on your desktop and select personalisation. Select a windows theme then change the background to a blank colour I have black.

There are more places you can tweak but this would help your computer out a lot. I used to get issues with having too many browser tabs open (sucking up ram) since doing the above I have had no issues with running out of memory.

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