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Heartbleed Vunerbility

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Windows Backup Software

I mainly use a few pieces of software for home computer windows backup. To have a complete back up that is easy and quick to to restore I like to use a offline back up system and online back up system. The windows offline backup software I […]

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Set Up A Wireless Network

There are two types of internet networks wired and wireless – what a surprise aye? So Wired is pretty easy you have a router which has internet and you connect your device to it by a cord. Well that’s great the issue is that now days with […]

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Computer Running Too Slowly

I’ll introduce you to another tool here. This can help with your computer running too slowly. Press cntr shift escape and the “windows task manager” should appear. First thing you want to check for a slow computer is cpu. Go to the performance page and you will […]

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PC Repairs

PC is short for “personal computer”. Originally the term was made popular by the first IBM computers that came out in the market. Then used to describe a IBM compatible computer vs the Mac computer. Some entertaining southpark like cartoons in circulation on youtube can show you […]

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Computer Support

As a computer support company we provide a system for providing for troubleshooting issues a company may have with their computer network. It starts with helpdesk contact. This could be via website chat, phone call or email. We field the call and establish the priority of the […]

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Do I Bother Replacing The Motherboard On My Laptop

Asked by a contributor on Quora.  Answered by me.. Motherboard replacements are generally the most costly repairs with laptops as this is also the main electronic board of the laptop hence it is also know as the “main board”. This piece takes up the entire inside of […]

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NAS Network Access Storage Setup

Customer inquired asking if we could help them set up a back up solution for their 2 permanent employees and 1 temp.   Nowadays its easy to set up a Network Storage Device or Network Attached Storage as it is official know in the IT world for […]

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No Sound On Computer Issue

Issue: no sound from computer Details: Customer had computer reinstalled with windows 7. Now no sound. The device manager was full nothing needed. Under sound was listed sound devices. But testing using this did not produce any sound. Fix: Confirmed sound out is from the motherboard not […]

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