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A Good Backup System Gives Me Warm Fuzzies

Getting a back up up and running nicely is a great feeling. The security of having your data safe in another place gives me warm fuzzies. I have two favourite tools for my backups one offline and one online (or cloud). My most used offine backup is GFI Home Edition. I recommend you set up a NAS for your home network and create a share on it. Or you could have an external hard drive where to store. You can then have your household computers using this software back up to these devices.

Why this one? It is easy to set up and has many features. For example you can even back up your outlook or other email clients email store.

A few pro hints.

Have at least two back up tasks. One monthly and one daily for example. So that if you have messed up a file for example and need to go back a few weeks or months then it is possible.
The best back up is set and forget. You do not want to be constantly wondering if your back ups are working. Therefore the way to really ensure your files are getting backed up is to have a network access storage device at your place. One of the biggest problems with back ups is the user. If you get the system set up then it does the work and the user does not have to attach something to the computer for example to get it to work.

This is freeware and available here

Instructions for setting this up are already available so I will not repeat them here. You can find them here:


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