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3 Storage Items That Can Be Used To Transfer Data From One Computer To Another

3 Storage Items That Can Be Used To Transfer Data From One Computer To Another

To transfer data you have a few methods to choose from I will cover online systems, external hard drive and usb drive. I will cite pros and cons for each.

Online system. There are many services that offer data storage online such as Google Drive and Dropbox.
Use this when you need to transfer data to a friend for example over a long distance. You cannot transfer huge amounts on this unless you shell out for the large data. You can get free plan for example Google Drive is 10 gigs for free.

pros: Free. Transfer over long distances
cons: Moderate amount of data. Can be slow to upload

External hard drive
The old trusty external hard drive has been used for centuries (well not really) for data transfer. Its great as it can fit loads of data. It is a bit bulky and can cost a bit but you can post to a friend overseas if you need to send and with a large amount of data it may be quicker then online where you have to upload it first.

Pros: Use for large amounts of data
Cons: Can be more costly, Is bulky

USB drive
The USB drive is small so can fit into your pocket and would not cost a lot to send to a friend. It has much less storage then the external hard drive but is much cheaper.
pros: Cheap. Not very large can be stored in a pocket.
cons: Small amount of data

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