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3 Potential Facts About Small Business Computer Backups

Small Business Backup

Are you backed up?

3 Potential Facts About Small Business Backups

1. The back up does not exist

Every small business needs a robust backup plan or at least be mindful that the data they create is what the business runs on – even for the smallest and simplest of businesses. Take this example: when you have a customer call you up you generally look at previous conversations or data that you have on that person. This makes the relationship with the person much easier to manage and you can address their needs with more efficiency and the customer will be happier! If you loose this information it would have be recreated – customer name, number address and any details about the customer. This equals time to do which is a cost to the business. Best to have your data backed up so in case of a failure you don’t have to recreate it.

2. Backups are incomplete and lacking the data you actually need

The problem with doing backups without complete knowledge of what is needed to be backed up can produce an inaccurate backup. The most common would be is assuming that your email is included in what you have backed up. For example: When you download your email to your email client a few things can be mis interpreted in terms of how this works:

– It could be assumed that when you back up “my doucments” you are backing up your email store. The email “data file” is in many cases hidden outside the documents folders.

– Assuming that you don’t need to back up email as it is also stored on the mail server you got it from. If you are using a “pop3” connection to the server the settings on your email client is probably deleting the files automatically off the server every so often. And even if they are staying on the server if you go to restore later on you will find your emails are not in the folders you created in outlook. An IMAP based connection would create an exact replica of the folder structure on the server though.

3. The Backups are out of date.

The point for a a good backup system needs to be monitored and set and forget. No matter how diligent a person is they will let things slide. So if you have a system where you are manually doing back ups “now and then” the back ups could get old. The system needs to be automatic and it needs to automatically send you or someone to monitor that the system is doing the job correctly and that periodically the system is audited.

A few solutions for back up which would address some of these issues is Drop Box or Google Drive these are great for backing up documents. Email back up however can be much more complicated!

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